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simplabs' founder Marco Otte-Witte, interviewed Louise Deverell-Smith, founder of Daisy Chain, a recruitment platform connecting busy, experienced candidates, often parents, with employers offering flexible work roles.

Marco and Louise discussed working with a partner for digital product development as a founder when lacking expertise and understanding in that field.

Louise also talks about her experience translating her view for Daisy Chain into the final platform as well as the challenges of getting it to the market and driving sales.

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Built to Last #11: Expert insights

Kenneth Larsen, Engineering Manager at CLARK

Kenneth explains his role at CLARK and gives us tips on making remote teams connect.

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Built to Last #10: Expert insights

Daniel Beutler, Executive Coach and Advisor

Daniel talks about accepting the necessity for change in a growing company to ensure the business keeps scaling.

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Built to Last #9: Expert insights

Melanie Aronson, Founder of Panion

Melanie shares her experience of educating herself and learning the processes of product development in order to hire the right people.

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