Product Development : Engineering excellence means building things to last

simplabs has its origins in engineering and development. We obsess over crafting the absolute best products we can, built on architectures that are easy to extend, update and maintain. Our process depends on close collaboration between designers and developers to release well-tested products in dynamic, fast-paced iterations.

As a leading development house in Europe, we love to take on projects that pose interesting and complex engineering challenges.

Our guiding principles

Today, the influence of software and technology on our everyday lives is bigger than ever. We love to create digital products that contribute to that trend in a meaningful way.

Code excellence. Always.

No excuses for sloppy code and quick-fix solutions. Well-written code is less prone to errors or bugs, more secure, and faster.

Collaboration is essential

Our design experts support the project end-to-end. Close collaboration allows space for early user feedback, reducing risks, and improved outcomes.

Build software that you can maintain

In a fast-changing world, it’s essential to build on a foundation that is sustainable yet able to change and adapt. Build for change.

Excellence in engineering, from first commit to finished product

Our standards for code quality and engineering are second to none. Our digital product development support includes:

  • Full-stack development
  • Effective process, run by seasoned product teams
  • Continuous delivery of product increments
  • Intensive automated testing and QA
  • Engineering team of technology leaders
  • Deployment and operation

We love open source — we’re the leading Ember.js team in Europe

We co-host EmberFest (the biggest Ember.js conference in Europe) and we actively contribute to the open source projects we're leveraging for our projects.

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